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What do you think Paddock's motive was?

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I find Bruce Paddock's supposed motive very interesting, he paints Paddock to be a control freak, and I find he paints quite a narcissistic picture of Paddock for some reason, he supposedly wants to dominate other people, witnesses say he would do the same to Marilou, and would sometimes publicly berate her in coffee shops and stuff, but would spend lots of money on her and the family of the same time. Eric paints a similar picture, saying he would love to show off his wealth, spending thousands of dollars on them, it almost seems like he loved to show off how successful he was. Prostitutes claim he liked to see himself as an evil person or that he had 'Bad Blood' (probably also referring to his dad). I think it was mainly about attention, and relishing the idea of being a herostratic celebrity, I feel he had this plan for a large part of his life.

This is all conjecture, and just my opinion. What do you think Paddock's motive was?