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What are some lesser-known facts/trivia about mass killers that most people wouldn't know?

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  • When he was still attending public school, Adam Lanza carried sanitizer everywhere and would wipe down door handles before touching them. People said he would walk as if he were almost expecting someone to hit him.

  • Gavin Long was a Sergeant in the Marine Corps. who received at least 4 medals. He was also a motivational speaker/author and even has his own album, you can find it on YouTube. He was also in the process of legally changing his name to Cosmo Ausar Setepenra.

  • Alexandre Bissonnette's vz. 58 jammed outside the mosque and he used his Glock for the majority of the shooting. He was also under the influence of alcohol at the time of the shooting.

  • Elliott Rodger struck 7 people with his BMW during his rampage, targeting skateboarders since he hated them.

  • Stephan Balliet had a real firearm (a Smith Carbine) and a longsword in his arsenal but never used either. He asked his lawyer if he was Jewish, and said "even if you were a Jew, I would not reject you now." He was trained in the use of the G36 rifle during his time in the Bundeswehr.

  • Dylann Roof intended to commit suicide-by-cop upon leaving the Church and was surprised that no police were outside to await him, so he started driving to Nashville for the hell of it since he'd never been there. He also loaded 11 bullets into 8 magazines so he could fire 88 times to symbolize "88" or "Heil Hitler."

  • Omar Mateen made an appearance in a documentary about the BP oil spill 4 years before the attack.

  • Marc Lépine's real name was Gamil Gharbi but he had it legally changed as an adolescent out of hatred for his father and also being bullied at school for having an Arab name.

  • After Kimveer Gill's attack, one of the guns he used (Beretta Cx4 Storm) was moved from non-restricted to restricted under Canada's firearm regulations. After the 2020 Nova Scotia killings, it was further moved to prohibited.

  • Seung-hui Cho got in trouble with campus PD for secretly taking photos of female classmates's legs under desks. (creepshotting)

  • Anders Breivik temporarily lived with his mother to save money while financing/preparing his attack.

  • Justin Bourque's father called 911 to ID him as the shooter just like Eric Harris's father did.

  • Red Lake (Jeff Weise) was the deadliest school shooting (10) since Columbine (15) at the time and is now tied for 3rd deadliest for high schools alongside Santa Fe, after Columbine (15) and Parkland (17) It was a big deal at the time but has drifted into obscurity in recent years.

  • Anton Lundin Pettersson taped a paper target to his chest to assist the police in killing him.

  • Pekka-Eric Auvinen and Matti Saari both purchased their guns at the exact same store. Saari began dressing and behaving like Auvinen leading g up to his copycat attack.

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